About us

The Suitsukekauppa.fi is operated by Orient Import Oy, Business ID FI21080898.

Orient Import Oy is a Finnish import and wholesale company established in 2008. Our ever growing range includes incense, fragrance oils and decorative textiles.

We strive to form clear and comprehensive groups of all our product categories. There are all sorts of products on the eastern market, so to distinguish the good from the bad, we have set strict criteria for our products. The product must be of high quality, safe and ethically and ecologically produced. Our extensive network allows us to find the most potential products that meet these criteria.

Before the product reaches the sale on our shop, we thoroughly test it. We look at the quality and quantity of the fragrance, as well as the burning time and quality of manufacture. We are working closely with manufacturers and we are modifying products if the need arises.

We invest a lot in our logistics so that we can ensure high availability and fast deliveries. Ordering from us is simple and effortless.

We believe that companies must bear their ethical and ecological responsibilities. We take note of the needs of people and the environment, and we believe that the business world can act with ethical and ecological principles.

Since our online store provides you electronically with all of the information that is related to your order, we will not print a order confirmation, receipt or packing slip. We use recycled cardboard and paperboard as packaging materials, and we avoid sourcing plastic packaging materials. We recycle the packaging materials that came to us so if your package came with plastic packaging filling, it has arrived in our warehouse with some of our orders.

The Suitsukekauppa.fi warehouse and the office are located in Lahti, Finland. The company email address is asiakaspalvelu@suitsukekauppa.fi and phone number +358 45 123 0077.